Updating the mac system

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The Application Layer Firewall can therefore make filtering decisions on a per-application basis.Of the two firewall engines, only the Application Layer Firewall is fully exposed in the Leopard user interface.Leopard can be "hacked" (see below) to install on these G3 and pre-867 MHz G4 machines but the system may behave erratically and many of the programs, features, and functions may not work properly or at all.

Leopard is the final version of Mac OS X to support the Power PC architecture as Snow Leopard functions solely on Intel based Macs.Leopard is only compiled for Alti Vec-enabled Power PC processors (G4 and G5) though, as well as Intel, so both of these methods will only work on Macs with G4 or later CPUs.While some of the earlier beta releases were made to run on some later G3 machines (mostly later 800–900 MHz i Books), no success with the retail version has been officially reported on G3 Macs except for some later i Macs and "Pismo" Power Book G3s with G4 processor upgrades installed.Leopard provides a framework to use public key signatures for code signing to verify, in some circumstances, that code has not been tampered with.Signatures can also be used to ensure that one program replacing another is truly an "update", and carry any special security privileges across to the new version.

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