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For a conference dedicated to finding vulnerabilities and loopholes, it shouldn't have been a surprise that hackers would find a physical end-around to getting inside.

It's just one of the lessons I learned at my first hacker convention.

One company offered a raffle to win a Nintendo Switch if you'd stop by and listen to why their security is the best. I saw a magician demonstrating a trick and before the big finish told the crowd, "you have to promise me you'll stay after!

I knew about the dreaded Wall of Sheep at Defcon, a list of names and redacted passwords projected on the wall in a dark room at the Packet Hacking Village in Caesar's Palace, where anybody who was stupid enough to log into an insecure Wi-Fi network and an unencrypted website could have their information made public to the world.Everywhere you walked, some company was trying to sell you with marketing buzzwords on why their "endpoint security is the artificial intelligence solution for risk management that your hybrid enterprise needs" -- it all became corporate white noise.The floor looked like any other tech convention I had been to, with huddles of booths set up with silly gimmicks to grab your attention.We're literally waddling to move." Then, in the distance, there was a flow of motion heading away from the escalator.I thought they had given up, but I later found out through Twitter that people discovered there was a second, empty escalator in the back if you just cut through the pool area.

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