Spanglish speed dating buenos aires

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We both felt that we were placed in the class appropriate to our level (although the test was a written grammar test and not spoken).We learnt a lot, especially grammar, but we do have some reservations about group classes.During our last week in Buenos Aires we were inspired by the Language Hacking Guide to push our Spanish to the next level.We realised that learning a language is all about communication and speaking it is the most important part.You meet at least five new people from really diverse backgrounds, ages (we chatted with people aged 20 – 70) and language levels.

Simon in the beginner class also felt that things went a bit too slowly for him.

We spent three weeks attending classes for 20 hours a week at Ibero Spanish School in the centre of Buenos Aires.

There are many schools to choose from and we went for this one as it was cheaper than the others (0 a week rather than 0 at most other places) and we also met someone who’d had a good experience there.

We’ve come to realise more and more, especially after reading the Language Hacking Guide, that the only way to improve at a language is to talk, no matter what your level is.

It seems obvious but before coming to South America we didn’t think we were ‘ready’ to have a conversation and many people feel the same: it’s much easier to just talk to your i Pod audio course.

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