No charge sex mobile

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One, Vodafone, has decided to match what you get abroad in the EU with what your domestic allowance is.

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The second clause is intended to dissuade people from taking out a contract in a low-cost country (eg Bulgaria or Romania) and using it at home.

Yes, even though the European Commission says: “The prices of calls from home to a foreign country, including in the EU, are not regulated.” In fact, the term “Roam Like at Home” is not quite accurate; the correct version should be “Roam More Cheaply than you do at Home”.

As Money Saving Expert has pointed out, calls to any EU country are now really cheap – so long as you make them from any EU country that isn’t the UK. The three non-EU countries in the European Economic Area – Iceland, Norway and plucky Liechtenstein – will introduce Roam Like at Home “shortly after 15 June”, according to Brussels.

But that's subject to a myriad of provisos and exceptions. Take the sum of your monthly mobile tariff, take the Vat away, divide it by 7.7 (€7.70 is the agreed EU inter-operator price per gigabyte of data) and multiply it by two. I know that sounds Byzantine, so here's an example. Here, the operator is allowed to deduct the price of the phone subsidy when calculating your data allowance.

In other words, if you're paying €60 a month on a 24-month contract and got an i Phone 7 free with that, the operator is entitled to deduct the i Phone subsidy (probably half of €60 per month) from its data calculation.

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