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craig From [email protected] Jul 7 EDT 1996 Article: 4819 of sci.agriculture.beekeeping Newsgroups: sci.agriculture.beekeeping From: [email protected](Justin Case) Subject: Re: Cutting Queens' Wings............... I was quite successful catching many a swams in Africa using the above preceeding methods.

The WILDCAT BBS software that runs the system is also due for upgrading this summer so multiple requests for information can be handled in one e-mail message. Where the wild bee never flew, For more information on the honey extractor, feel free to contact: Maryann Frazier Senior Extension Associate, Apiculture The Pennsylvania State University Department of Entomology 501 Agricultural Sciences and Industries Building University Park, PA 16802-3508 phone: (814) 865-4621 FAX: (814) 865-3048 [email protected] EDU Return to top of Beekeeping Page --------------281E1EFD7285-- From [email protected] Sun Jul 7 EDT 1996 Article: 4808 of sci.agriculture.beekeeping Path:! news From: [email protected](John or Sonja Hoxeng) Newsgroups: sci.agriculture.beekeeping Subject: Can we get our swarm back? One particular variety I want to try is heather honey. Bruce Conner b[email protected] [email protected] Sun Jul 7 EDT 1996 Article: 4813 of sci.agriculture.beekeeping Path:! Thanks in advance, Gottfried Mayer-Kress [email protected] From [email protected] Jul 7 EDT 1996 Article: 4814 of sci.agriculture.beekeeping Path:! If you could help us out, please send me a message per e-mail.

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