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It investigates color combinations, texture and pattern, and sometimes references an historical event or childhood memory.Patterns distort and invade each other across the surface of each artwork. I rarely work with rectangles as the overall shape; instead, I prefer curvilinear forms which can suggest movement.Again, please be mindful that students often progress through the system at different paces.

-There is a zero tolerance for sexual harassment within the BCKM family.

Today’s canopy zipline craze began in 1974 with Dr.

Donald Perry, who received his PHD from UCLA for investigating rain forest canopies.

CURRICULUM TAUGHT IN EACH CLASS LEVEL KM Level 1: White Belt Curriculum KM Level 2: Yellow Belt Curriculum KM Level 3: Orange Belt Curriculum KM Level 4: Green Belt Curriculum KM Level 5: Blue Belt Curriculum KM Level 6: Brown Belt Curriculum KM Level 7: Black Belt Curriculum Testing Requirements: Each belt has both a class requirement and a duration requirement.

Class requirement is the number of classes, and duration requirement is the length of time training.

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