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Such dedication to the humanity of every member of this expansive cast helps make “The Deuce” a unique experience.Much like Simon’s previous projects, from “The Wire” to “Treme” to “Show Me a Hero,” his writing ennobles the overlooked members of society: the working class, the beat cops, the night workers, the homeless, and the men and women who are just trying to get by.From our review: Good news (or mixed, depending on your level of coulrophobia): those garish paintings are just a handful of the many Good Place details that make their return in Season 2.But despite those returning characters and scenic details, “The Good Place” has magically managed to reinvent itself.

So many “Orville” scenes just die in the moment, because Mac Farlane’s comedy instincts as a writer (he wrote the pilot, at the least) means that he can’t avoid writing in jokes. But here’s what keeps “Outlander” forever gripping: Nothing ever happens easy.To say that many Americans have been living out their own personal horror story isn’t an overstatement — not with border closings, hate speech, and potential treason all enabled by the White House — but the new season manages to undermine the left’s legitimate fears and amplify the right’s monstrous traits all in one frenzied mess of an allegory.Through their physical separation and independent performances, Cash and Geere help “You’re the Worst” become more of a black comedy than a romantic comedy in Season 4.“Top of the Lake: China Girl” somehow manages to dive even deeper. This is where “The Mindy Project” challenges the idea of what a rom-com means for television.The end game may not be the viewers’ favorite couple finally getting together for good.

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