Df not updating

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Head back into the same Apps menu we mentioned earlier, and tap on Application Manager if prompted.Once inside the apps menu, find Google Play Store once more and open the application info menu we visited in the previous step.

This will return the Play Store to an earlier state.

No matter your error message—whether it read df-dla-15 or any other error code—the most reliable method for fixing the problem is to head into your settings menu and clear the app’s cache. Open up your settings menu on your phone, either by using the icon inside your app drawer or by hitting the shortcut on top of your quick settings.

Once you’re inside settings, scroll down until you find the Apps menu inside your preferences.

Once you’ve cleared your app’s data, head back into the Play Store and try to download the app or app update that gave you the error message.

Because you just cleared the app’s cache, and not its data, you won’t have to log back into Google Play with your email—just use the search or update function to find the app you were trying to install previously.

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