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“The films must have aged well.” Crain’s husband died in October. and Timothy Brinkman, and three daughters, Jeanine Brinkman, Lisa Binstock and Maria Brinkman.

12/4/03 - David Hemmings - LONDON - David Hemmings, the British actor who attained international stardom as the existential fashion photographer in the 1966 film "Blow Up," has died at age 62, his agent said Thursday.

(AP) - Hope Lange, who starred opposite Hollywood's top actors over a decades-long career and earned an Oscar nomination for her supporting role in the 1957 film "Peyton Place," has died, her husband said Sunday. Lange died Friday at Saint John's Health Center in Santa Monica after suffering an infection caused by an intestinal inflammation known as ischemic colitis, said her husband, Charles Hollerith.For faraway GI’s she seemed the ideal girl back home.At 20th Century-Fox studio, her fan mail was second only to that of pin-up queen Betty Grable.She began winning leads in school plays at 14 and beauty contests at 15.As Camera Girl of 1942 in Long Beach, she attracted the attention of 20th Century-Fox and was given a routine studio contract. She and Brinkman spent their time at two working ranches.

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