Dating recovering addict advice

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If we set our sights on sex or relationships while our recovery is still fragile, then there is a very good chance that we will do just about anything to make it happen. After all, a lot of us probably had very active (if emotionally unfulfilling) sex lives during our addictions.But what will we do if we’re out with somebody and our date orders a drink? As such, it is not uncommon for us to associate our memories of sex with our memories of drinking and using drugs.This is especially common after the first couple of months, when we’re feeling good about our recovery and wish to start getting other areas of our lives back on track.More importantly, we must remember that addicts and alcoholics tend to lack inhibitions.The third is commitment, which is how dedicated you are to staying in the relationship.Now that you know about what types of relationships exist, you can determine which type comprises the bulk of your romantic/sexual history.

Consider these same questions when you are writing out the negatives.We learn how to better recognize our own flaws, how to accept those of others, and how to make amends when clashing personalities have led us to experience issues in our interpersonal communications.We also learn to stop seeking immediate gratification, but the gratification of having sex too early can get in the way of that.Were you simply drunk or high, or was the issue deeper than that?Were you unhappy in the relationship, but felt it was easier to simply lash out verbally (or physically, as the case may be) than to call it quits?

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