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A No-Glow flash is going to produce a black and white picture and will NOT be visible in the dark.

It produces no visible light unless you are very close to the camera and will be nearly invisible in the dark.

The video isn't nearly as sharp as a traditional 16:9 frame of 4K.

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Directly face the camera towards the location you are trying to cover and walk in front of it to see the light go on, this will indicate activity.

Any time the Virb 360's four mics took on some water, they could screech like a banshee and take a long time to clear.

My test session with the Virb marked the first time I've ever been able to shoot 360-degree footage of myself surfing.

The motion detection range is the distance from the camera that the camera will sense motion and be activated.

Both of these ranges will be effected by many different factors.

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